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Jonathan Lavoie-Lévesque

Jona Lavoie-Lévesque

I currently work with the incredibly talented team at Swiftype, building great products and shaping the future of search here in San Francisco. Postcards and colorful notes accepted.


Upcoming Events

JCCM Entrepreneurship Conference

01 May 2015 Montreal, Canada

Web à Québec

18-20 Mar 2015 Quebec City, Canada

Concordia University Startup Conference

07 Mar 2015 Montreal, Canada

Facebook Tour

09 Feb 2015 Montreal, Canada

Université de Sherbrooke Masters Lecture

19 Jan 2015 Longueuil, Canada


07 Nov 2014 San Francisco, CA

Google Retail Spark

05 Nov 2014 Montreal, Canada

CQCD Ecommerce Day

02 Oct 2014 Montreal, Canada


21-22 Aug 2014 Stockholm, Sweden

Web à Québec

20 Mar 2014 Quebec City, Canada

Congrès annuel du CQCD

18 Mar 2014 Montreal, Canada